Jet Pack

300.00 AED3,000.00 AED

AED 300 Per 20 minutes

Jet Pack a purpose built powerhouse to create a downward facing spray of water, via the 10m long hose attached to the base of the special pack you’ll be wearing on your back. This is your chance to experience the sensations of hovering over water, in your mission to fly.

You can expect around 20 minutes of piloting time – and believe us this is ample for your first go, as it’s exhausting stuff all this launching yourself like a human rocket out of the water and you’re bound to take a few spectacular falls on the way!

Persons from 15+ can participate activity provided that; All persons under the age of 18, need a responsible adult parent or guardian to sign an activity consent form and be present on site whilst they are participating in this activity.

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